Happy New Year…And A Sale!

Happy New Year, everyone!

To celebrate one year of being open for business and to make room for new incoming inventory, I’ve put quite a few items on sale over in my Etsy shop. The sale lasts until 11:59 PM Eastern time, January 31st. No need for coupon codes; all prices have already been adjusted.

Any of the sale pieces left after the end of the month will be taken down and the pieces repurposed into new projects, so if you’ve had your eye on any of these items don’t wait! And don’t forget—I offer hold and layaway options! You can check out my policies here and then send me a message on Etsy to set up a plan.


Storm Ankh

The ankh, sometimes called the key of life, is a symbol of immortality and divinity in Ancient Egypt. This necklace was inspired by the energies, power, and colors of storms.

Storm Ankh Necklace:


A large (2 1/2 inches long) sterling plated ankh charm, accented by two labradorite teardrops, on a strand of labradorite, blue cat’s eye, and hematite with sparkly silver plated glass rondelles and tiny sterling spacers. $70

I offer both hold and layaway options in the shop; check out policies here and then message me on Etsy to set up a plan!


A few weeks ago, I decided not to relist several of my jewelry items and reduced the price. They’ll be leaving on 5/13 (this Friday) so if you’re interested in one of them, speak for them now!

Click on the links for full description and more pictures over on my etsy.

Huntress Necklace:DSC_0002

Thurisaz Rune Necklace:DSC_0052

Raido Rune Necklace:DSC_0062

Solar Cat Bracelet:DSC_0119

Playful Kitten Bracelet:DSC_0124

As always, I’m happy to set up a hold or layaway for you if you want one of these pieces if you would like one of these items but don’t have the money now. You can see my policies here.

Hera’s Thorns Peacock Necklace

This necklace was inspired by Hera, wife of Zeus and Queen of Olympos, the Greek Goddess (Her Roman counterpart is Juno) of marriage, queenship, women, childbirth, and families. Peacocks are one of her sacred animals. I tried to capture both her beauty and sovereignty, but also her “sharper” side that stood up and demanded the respect due to her and refused to sit idly by when she was scorned or mistreated.

Hera’s Thorns Peacock Necklace:

A gorgeous hand-painted Czech glass pendant mounted by hand on a gold-plated bail adorns a strand of amethyst, fuschia agate (dyed), green jade rounds, rainbow hematite, and “vitrail” finish Czech glass beads, with four 15mm long Czech glass “thorn” accents. Together the colors of this necklace remind me of the brilliant plumage of a peacock in the sunshine.

As always, hold and layaway are available for this item according to the policies here. Just message me on etsy and I’ll be happy to work with you to set up a plan.

Lord of the Red Land

A necklace inspired by Set (Seth), the Egyptian/Kemetic God of the desert, storms, and in some cases the sort of destruction that helps keep everything in balance and support new life and growth. While perhaps best known for his contending with Horus the Younger following the death of Osiris and so often painted as a villain, throughout much of Egyptian history and mythology (especially earlier sources) Set was honored as Ra’s nighttime champion, the one with the strength even in the darkness to fight off the forces of chaos.

Lord of the Red Land Necklace:

This necklace consists of an oval crackle amber agate pendant, accented by black obsidian, on a double stranded necklace. The first strand has red brecciated jasper, red sesame jasper, white howlite, black obsidian, and black onyx chips. The second strand is black obsidian, red brecciated jasper, and pink feldspar. Overall, the color palate is one of dusky reddish hues worthy of the Lord of the Desert. $52

As always, hold and layaway are available for this piece in accordance with the policies here. Just convo me on etsy and I’ll be happy to work with you to set up a hold/installment plan.

Eye of the Sky

Just listed today! This necklace was inspired by the Eye of Horus/Eye of Ra in Egyptian mythology. The stylized eye (right often representing Ra and solar qualities while the left represented Horus and lunar qualities) was a powerful ancient protection amulet and symbol of the physical manifestation of the God’s power.

Eye of the Sky Necklace:

A sterling silver-plated Eye pendant on a strand of Grade A lapis lazuli, genuine blue topaz, howlite, and sunstone. Overall the color palate evokes the beauty of the sky. $58

As always, I’m happy to put an item on hold or set up a layaway plan so you can pay in installments according to the policies here. Just convo me on Etsy and we’ll work out the details.

Eostre’s Roses

Another piece listed Saturday, 4/2. Inspired by Eostre, the Germanic Goddess who gave her name to both the festival of Ostara and the holiday Easter. Thought to be a Goddess of sunrise, she was celebrated in the springtime—during the “dawn” of the new growing season.

Eostre’s Roses Necklace:

One large and seven small irony-colored resin roses on a strand of peach quartz, green aventurine, orange quartz, amethyst, and faceted pink/green/blue Czech beads. Together the effect is a bright, fresh spring color palate. $55

As always, hold and layaway on this item are available according to the policies here. Just send me a convo on Etsy and we can work out the details.