New Gemstone Pendulums Available!

Just listed last night and this morning in the shop! Pendulums are used to communicate with the spiritual realms or with your own subconscious or Higher Self. Each of my pendulums features a gemstone focal point and is approximately 12 inches long.

Winged Scarab Pendulum:DSC_0903

A white quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of carnelian, white quartz, lapis lazuli, and sunstone with tiny gold-plated spacer beads. Finished with a brass winged scarab charm. $24

Green Dragon Pendulum:DSC_0917

A white AB quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of green serpentine, white quartz, and moonstone beads. Finished with a sterling silver-plated winged dragon charm. $22

Dragon of Light Pendulum:DSC_0910

A white AB quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of labradorite, Czech glass, white quartz, and moonstone beads, accented with sterling-plated Celtic Knotwork beads. Finished with a sterling-plated dragon charm. $23

Raven’s Flight Pendulum:DSC_0923

A black jasper hexagonal-cut point on a strand of black obsidian with black labradorite coins and tiny gold-plated spacers. Finished with a black raven pendant. $24

Land of Pyramids Pendulum: DSC_0905

A white AB quartz hegagonal-cut point on a strand of crazy lace agate, lapis lazuli, and goldstone beads. Finished with a three-dimensional sterling-plated pyramid charm. $24


Spring Dragons!

Also just listed today:

Dragons appear in many mythologies and folklores from around the world all the way from ancient times to the present. They are usually depicted as fierce and powerful beings that make either loyal allies or dangerous enemies. These dragons also represent the power of springtime and new growth!

Spring Dragon Necklace:dsc_0894

A 1 3/4 inch long sterling silver dragon with wings outstretched on a strand of green aventurine and a selection of light green Czech glass artisan beads. Measures 21 1/2 inches long, not including the pendant. $55

Spring Dragon Earrings:dsc_0892

A pair of 3/4 inch tall dragon charms with green aventurine and light green Czech glass artisan beads. $22

Hold and layaway options are available! Check out the policies here and message me on Etsy to set up a plan.

Serpentine Dragons

Several new pieces went up in the shop today, including these! Dragons appear in myth and folklore from all over the world, sometimes as villains and sometimes as wise counselors and fierce protectors.

Serpentine Dragon Bracelet:


A sterling plated dragon charm, with dragon’s blood jasper and green serpentine. $22

Serpentine Dragon Earrings:


A pair of sterling plated dragons accented with green serpentine rondelles on stainless ear wires. $19

As always, hold and layaway are available (you can check out policies here); just send me a message on etsy to work out a plan.

Dragon’s Protection

Another piece listed Saturday, 4/2. I have a special place in my heart for dragons and draconic lore. In Chinese mythology and folklore dragons are powerful creatures, often possessing auspicious powers and capable of controlling various natural phenomena. Unlike in Western lore, where dragons are often ambiguous at best, in Asian tales dragons are overwhelmingly a protective force for good.

Dragon’s Protection Bracelet:

A sterling silver plated Chinese dragon charm on a strand of dark green Russian jade and bright red bamboo coral. Measures 7 inches in circumference on stretch cord. $21

As always, hold and layaway are available in accordance with the policies here.

Here There Be Dragons!

I have a growing Thing for dragons and I’ve made several pieces for the shop that draw on that love and connection. Here they are!

Bloodstone Dragon Necklace:

A black-winged flying dragon pendant with bloodstone and hematite. $53

Dragonstone Earrings:


Sterling silver dragon charms with dragonstone (also called separation) balls. $14

Dragon Queen:

Large winged dragon pendant with dragon blood jasper, two colors of serpentine, and brecciated jasper. $63

And I had a third necklace with a gryphon-esque dragon and bone beads, but it’s already spoken for and on layaway over in the shop! And in case I haven’t mentioned: I do offer both hold and layaway options and you can check out my policies here.

Happy Friday!