Two New Bracelets

Just listed yesterday!

Pegasus Bracelet:


Pegasus, the magnificent white winged stallion, was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa when she was killed by the Greek hero Perseus. This bracelet features a sterling-plated winged horse charm on a strand of faceted sodalite (which looks like a cloudy sky), bloodstone (to represent his violent birth), white howlite (a lucky stone for travels of any kind), and smoky quartz (a powerful protective stone in all endeavors) and sparkly silver-plated glass accent beads. $23

Summer Yggdrasil Bracelet:


Yggdrasil is the World Tree of Norse mythology that connects all the Nine Realms. This bracelets is meant to evoke summer leaves. A sterling silver-plated two-sided tree charm adorns a multi-hued strand of gemstones: deep green bloodstone, orange carnelian, light green aventurine, golden cat’s eye, and multicolored fancy jasper. $25

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NEW: The Magician’s Treasure

Just listed today!

The Magician’s Treasure Necklace: dsc_0830

Inspired by Enki, the Sumerian God of magick, culture, and wisdom. In various myths, he aided in the creation of the world and mankind and was credited with helping humanity to survive a great deluge sent to wipe them out.

This necklace consists of a pyrite pendant on a strand of carnelian, pyrite, and lapis lazuli. It measures 25 1/2 inches long. $58

As always I offer hold and layway options: check out the policies here and message me on Esty to set up terms.

Last Chance Sale

Just a quick reminder that my last chance/clearance sale ends tonight at midnight (11:59 PM Eastern Time) and then all the pieces left in that category will be taken down and the beads, etc. reused in new projects. So if you’ve had your eye on anything, now’s the time!

There are still some lovely items available:

Dragon Queen Necklace, now $45:


Egyptian Rose Necklace, now $35:


Bloodstone Dragon Necklace, now $40:


Blue Lotus Bracelet, now $18:


Blue Lotus Earrings, now $10:


Athena’s Owl Necklace, now $30:


Beloved Roses Earrings (just in time for Valentine’s Day!), now $10:


Dark Faery Necklace, now $30:


Love and Prosperity Dichroic Glass Necklace, now $45:


Serpentine Dragon Bracelet, now $18:


Starlight Ankh Earrings, now $10:


As always, hold and layaway options are available and I’m willing to be fairly flexible. Check out the policies here and then message me via Etsy to set up a plan.

Cat’s Protection I and II

In mythology and folklore, cats are often powerful, playful, and sensual—powerful protectors of those they love and fierce enemies to those who forget that cats have fangs and claws. In ancient Egypt, cat and lioness goddesses were among some of the most beloved and fearsome and housecats were thought to protect homes and families. In Norse mythology, the Vanic deity Freyja (Freya), whose domains were love, sex, and war, was drawn in a wain pulled by sacred cats.

Cat’s Protection Necklace:


A long statement necklace with a cat’s eye gemstone pendant on a necklace of three strands braided together of cat’s eye chips. $40

Cat’s Protection II Necklace:


Double-stranded necklace: the longer consists of a cat’s eye gemstone pendant on a strand of cat’s eye chips and rounds with green cat’s eye accents and the shorter contains five cat’s eye points on a stand of cat’s eye and green cat’s eye rounds. $44

As always, hold and layaways are available on these items. Just check out my policies and then send me a message on Etsy and we’ll work out a plan!

Storm Ankh

The ankh, sometimes called the key of life, is a symbol of immortality and divinity in Ancient Egypt. This necklace was inspired by the energies, power, and colors of storms.

Storm Ankh Necklace:


A large (2 1/2 inches long) sterling plated ankh charm, accented by two labradorite teardrops, on a strand of labradorite, blue cat’s eye, and hematite with sparkly silver plated glass rondelles and tiny sterling spacers. $70

I offer both hold and layaway options in the shop; check out policies here and then message me on Etsy to set up a plan!

Serpentine Dragons

Several new pieces went up in the shop today, including these! Dragons appear in myth and folklore from all over the world, sometimes as villains and sometimes as wise counselors and fierce protectors.

Serpentine Dragon Bracelet:


A sterling plated dragon charm, with dragon’s blood jasper and green serpentine. $22

Serpentine Dragon Earrings:


A pair of sterling plated dragons accented with green serpentine rondelles on stainless ear wires. $19

As always, hold and layaway are available (you can check out policies here); just send me a message on etsy to work out a plan.


A few weeks ago, I decided not to relist several of my jewelry items and reduced the price. They’ll be leaving on 5/13 (this Friday) so if you’re interested in one of them, speak for them now!

Click on the links for full description and more pictures over on my etsy.

Huntress Necklace:DSC_0002

Thurisaz Rune Necklace:DSC_0052

Raido Rune Necklace:DSC_0062

Solar Cat Bracelet:DSC_0119

Playful Kitten Bracelet:DSC_0124

As always, I’m happy to set up a hold or layaway for you if you want one of these pieces if you would like one of these items but don’t have the money now. You can see my policies here.