Four New Bracelets

Just listed this evening! Four new gemstone bracelets in the shop:

Celtic Triangle:


A gold triquetra cut-out charm with garnet, ruby-in-zoisite, and green aventurine strung on professional quality stretch cord. Measures 7 inches in diameter. $23

Pink Lotus:


A rose gold cut-out lotus charm with peach quartz and opaline strung on professional quality stretch cord. Measures 7 inches in diameter. $22

Weaver of Fate Spider:


A sterling silver-plated spider charm with black jasper, hematite, and sparkly silver-plated faceted glass accent rondelles strung on professional quality stretch cord. Measures 7 inches in diameter. $20

Wolf Howl:


A sterling silver-plated wolf charm with garnet, white quartz, and sparkly silver-plated faceted glass accent rondelles strung on professional quality stretch cord. Measures 7 inches in diameter. $21

I offer hold and layaway options–check out my policies here and then message me through Etsy to set up a plan!


Happy New Year…And A Sale!

Happy New Year, everyone!

To celebrate one year of being open for business and to make room for new incoming inventory, I’ve put quite a few items on sale over in my Etsy shop. The sale lasts until 11:59 PM Eastern time, January 31st. No need for coupon codes; all prices have already been adjusted.

Any of the sale pieces left after the end of the month will be taken down and the pieces repurposed into new projects, so if you’ve had your eye on any of these items don’t wait! And don’t forget—I offer hold and layaway options! You can check out my policies here and then send me a message on Etsy to set up a plan.

Introducing: Pendulums!

The first of my new projects is ready to unveil! Over the long weekend I listed three new gemstone pendulums in the shop, and there are a couple more in this style on the way. Pendulums are used for spirit communication, divination, and communing with your subconscious or Higher Self.

Fire of the Nile:


Inspired by the Egyptian/Kemetic Goddess Isis (Aset). A clear quartz crystal on a strand of lapis lazuli, carnelian, red coral, and 18k gold plated beads. $23

Queen of Hearts:


Inspired by the Vanic Goddess Freyja (Freya). A clear quartz crystal on a strand of baltic amber, garnet, and citrine with 18k gold plated beads. $23

Queen of Beauty:


Inspired by the Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Roman Venus). A rose quartz crystal on a strand of rose quartz and freshwater pearls with tiny sterling silver plated spacer beads and a rose quartz heart. $21

A Little Love For The Goddess Isis

Just listed today! Two lovely necklaces in honor of Isis (also Aset, Auset, Iset), Goddess of queenship, motherhood, magick, and mysteries, wife of Osiris (Ausar, Wesir) and mother of Horus the Younger (Heru-sa-Aset). Although originally an Egyptian deity, her cult later spread through Greece, Rome, Britain, and beyond.

Winged Isis Necklace:


A beautiful golden raw brass pendant with lapis lazuli, red bamboo coral, and turquoise howlite. $42

Dark Winged Isis Necklace:


A black-green “verdigris” patina bras pendant with lapis lazuli, turquoise howlite, and black glass. $40

Dua Aset!

Aset’s Ankhs

I’m a little late publishing today (my “extra day” has been a bit busy) but I have a couple of beautiful new listings to showcase–and they include some of that exciting lapis shipment from last week:

Aset’s Ankh Bracelet:


Copper ankh with hand-cut lapis triangles and carnelian rounds–both stones associated with Isis (Aset), Queen of the Netjeru, Great of Heka.

Aset’s Ankhs Earrings:


Matching earrings featuring copper ankh charms, hand-cut lapis lazuli triangles, and 3mm carnelian rounds.

Dua Aset!