Two New Bracelets

Just listed yesterday!

Pegasus Bracelet:


Pegasus, the magnificent white winged stallion, was born from the blood of the Gorgon Medusa when she was killed by the Greek hero Perseus. This bracelet features a sterling-plated winged horse charm on a strand of faceted sodalite (which looks like a cloudy sky), bloodstone (to represent his violent birth), white howlite (a lucky stone for travels of any kind), and smoky quartz (a powerful protective stone in all endeavors) and sparkly silver-plated glass accent beads. $23

Summer Yggdrasil Bracelet:


Yggdrasil is the World Tree of Norse mythology that connects all the Nine Realms. This bracelets is meant to evoke summer leaves. A sterling silver-plated two-sided tree charm adorns a multi-hued strand of gemstones: deep green bloodstone, orange carnelian, light green aventurine, golden cat’s eye, and multicolored fancy jasper. $25

Holds and layaway plans are available in the shop. Please see my policies here and then message me through Etsy to set things up!


SALE: Aphrodite of the Sea Necklace

Over the weekend I added a sale section to my shop. I have several pieces that are coming up on their listing expirations that I’ve decided not to relist when they expire.

Hopefully they’ll find homes first!

Aphrodite of the Sea:

Inspired by the Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans). A beautiful pink pearly-finish shell pendant (a nod to Aphrodite’s watery birth from the seafoam) and six large rose quartz nuggets (the stone of unconditional love) on a strand of pink-veined, gold-sheen Czech glass beads and gold plated spacer tubes.

Measures 22 ½ inches long (not including the pendant) and strung on professional quality beading wire with crimp beads and a gold-plated lobster claw clasp. Was $38, now $29.

Hold and layaway are available on this item in accordance with my policies here. And you can check out my other SALE items here.