Winged Scarab Necklace

Just listed today–and a personal favorite of mine so far!

Winged Scarab Double Strand Necklace:


The winged beetle supporting the sun is a famous motif in the art of ancient Egypt, representing the sun God Khepera (or Khepri) who is responsible for the rebirth of the sun at dawn.

A large (1 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches) antique brass winged beetle adorns two (non-similar) strands of grade A lapis lazuli, carnelian, sunstone, and pyrite. Strung on high-quality beading wire and fastened with a matching lobster claw clasp. Measures 20 inches in circumference. $80

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Bast Cartouche Necklace

Inspired by the Goddess Bast (Bastet) of ancient Egypt! She began as the warlike lioness protector of Lower Egypt, but later became the more familiar house cat and protector of the home. Cats were sacred to her and many pets were mummified and placed in her care after death. She was also a Goddess of fertility, sex, and safe travel.



The necklace features a pewter cat cartouche pendant (1 1/2 by 3/4 inches, not including bail) on a strand of golden cat’s eye, garnet, and carnelian with glittery faceted silver glass spacer beads. Necklace measures 25 inches in length. $47

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Eye of the Sun

The udjat is one of the best and widest known symbols from Egypt. This necklace is inspired by the power of the Eye of Horus and Eye of Ra in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic mythology. Traditionally the left and right eyes, respectively, these symbols represented the personifications of power by the Gods Horus and Ra. Often associated with the moon (Horus) and the sun (Ra). In the case of Ra, this power was often personified by other deities, like Sekhmet, Bast(et), Hathor, Wadjet, Mut, Nekhbet, and others.


This necklace features an antique bronze udjet pendant on a strand of carnelian, lapis lazuli, sunstone, and glittery brass-plated glass faceted rondelles. Finished with an antique brass clasp. $48

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New Gemstone Pendulums Available!

Just listed last night and this morning in the shop! Pendulums are used to communicate with the spiritual realms or with your own subconscious or Higher Self. Each of my pendulums features a gemstone focal point and is approximately 12 inches long.

Winged Scarab Pendulum:DSC_0903

A white quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of carnelian, white quartz, lapis lazuli, and sunstone with tiny gold-plated spacer beads. Finished with a brass winged scarab charm. $24

Green Dragon Pendulum:DSC_0917

A white AB quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of green serpentine, white quartz, and moonstone beads. Finished with a sterling silver-plated winged dragon charm. $22

Dragon of Light Pendulum:DSC_0910

A white AB quartz hexagonal-cut point on a strand of labradorite, Czech glass, white quartz, and moonstone beads, accented with sterling-plated Celtic Knotwork beads. Finished with a sterling-plated dragon charm. $23

Raven’s Flight Pendulum:DSC_0923

A black jasper hexagonal-cut point on a strand of black obsidian with black labradorite coins and tiny gold-plated spacers. Finished with a black raven pendant. $24

Land of Pyramids Pendulum: DSC_0905

A white AB quartz hegagonal-cut point on a strand of crazy lace agate, lapis lazuli, and goldstone beads. Finished with a three-dimensional sterling-plated pyramid charm. $24

Storm Ankh

The ankh, sometimes called the key of life, is a symbol of immortality and divinity in Ancient Egypt. This necklace was inspired by the energies, power, and colors of storms.

Storm Ankh Necklace:


A large (2 1/2 inches long) sterling plated ankh charm, accented by two labradorite teardrops, on a strand of labradorite, blue cat’s eye, and hematite with sparkly silver plated glass rondelles and tiny sterling spacers. $70

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Two New Egyptian/Kemetic Candles

Just listed today! Two new scented soy candles inspired by Ancient Egypt and the Kemetic pantheon.

Ta-Mera (The Beautiful Land):


A blue candle scented with pure essential oils of neroli, Moroccan blue chamomile, thuja, sandalwood, and lavender spike—a sweet, fresh, slightly fruity scent. Ta-Mera, which translates as “the Beautiful Land,” was one of the names the Ancient Egyptians gave their homeland; this candle captures that loveliness and life-giving fertility of the Nile Valley. Dusted with blue, green, and gold glitters.



A sandy-colored candle scented with pure essential oils of neroli, frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, and Moroccan blue chamomile—a complex, exotic scent. Inspired by the Egyptian/Kemetic pantheon of Gods. Dusted with blue, turquoise, red, and gold glitters.

Both candles come in sealable class jars and are available in my usual three sizes: 4 oz ($11), 7 oz ($14), and 11 oz ($17).

You can also check out my other candles here.

Lord of the Red Land

A necklace inspired by Set (Seth), the Egyptian/Kemetic God of the desert, storms, and in some cases the sort of destruction that helps keep everything in balance and support new life and growth. While perhaps best known for his contending with Horus the Younger following the death of Osiris and so often painted as a villain, throughout much of Egyptian history and mythology (especially earlier sources) Set was honored as Ra’s nighttime champion, the one with the strength even in the darkness to fight off the forces of chaos.

Lord of the Red Land Necklace:

This necklace consists of an oval crackle amber agate pendant, accented by black obsidian, on a double stranded necklace. The first strand has red brecciated jasper, red sesame jasper, white howlite, black obsidian, and black onyx chips. The second strand is black obsidian, red brecciated jasper, and pink feldspar. Overall, the color palate is one of dusky reddish hues worthy of the Lord of the Desert. $52

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