Last Chance Sale

Just a quick reminder that my last chance/clearance sale ends tonight at midnight (11:59 PM Eastern Time) and then all the pieces left in that category will be taken down and the beads, etc. reused in new projects. So if you’ve had your eye on anything, now’s the time!

There are still some lovely items available:

Dragon Queen Necklace, now $45:


Egyptian Rose Necklace, now $35:


Bloodstone Dragon Necklace, now $40:


Blue Lotus Bracelet, now $18:


Blue Lotus Earrings, now $10:


Athena’s Owl Necklace, now $30:


Beloved Roses Earrings (just in time for Valentine’s Day!), now $10:


Dark Faery Necklace, now $30:


Love and Prosperity Dichroic Glass Necklace, now $45:


Serpentine Dragon Bracelet, now $18:


Starlight Ankh Earrings, now $10:


As always, hold and layaway options are available and I’m willing to be fairly flexible. Check out the policies here and then message me via Etsy to set up a plan.


I’m Back!

I was involved in a serious car accident back in August and so I haven’t been able to list new things in the shop or update here for a while. But I’m mending well now and can get back into my studio. So with no more ado:

Introducing animal spirit candles!

This project was born from my love of animals and draws from the mythology and symbolism associated with each to inspire the colors and scents.

Like all my candles, these are created using only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils (no fragrance oils) and each is made to order. They come in resealable glass jars and are available in three size options.

The current offerings are:


Soy wax hand dyed gray-blue with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with brown, dark blue, and iridescent silver glitters. Scented with a blend of wild Scotch pine, red thyme, black pepper, cedarwood, helichrysum, vanilla, and vetiver—a musky, woodsy scent. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax hand dyed bright orange-red with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with red, burnt orange, and iridescent glitters. Scented with catnip, patchouli dark, helichrysum, myrrh, sweet orange, and vetiver—a sweet-and-musky scent that is both sensual and powerful. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax hand dyed purple-black with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with iridescent black and silver glitters. Scented with lavender, sage, patchouli, bergamot, fennel, and a touch of spearmint—a fresh, slightly sweet scent that evokes black wings and soaring flight. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax hand dyed light olive-green with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with green, brown, and iridescent gold glitters. Scented with patchouli dark, frankincense, myrrh, fennel, jasmine, and vetiver—a fresh, earthy, and mysterious scent. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax hand dyed deep burnt orange-red with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with burnt orange, black, and iridescent silver glitters. Scented with cassia bark, birch tar, black pepper, vanilla, and linalol basil—a hot, spicy-smoky scent. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax in a natural off-white with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with light blue, dark blue, copper, and brown glitters. Scented with camphor, cardamom, amyris, thuja, neroli, and vetiver—a fresh, slightly floral scent. $9, 12, 15


Soy wax hand dyed dark chocolate-brown with a ½ inch wood wick, dusted with brown, light copper, and iridescent silver glitters. Scented with red thyme, amyris, thuja, bergamot, and patchouli—a musky, earthy scent. $9, 12, 15

Quick Note

Adventures in poison ivy have made it so I haven’t been able to make posts or update Etsy listings for this last week or so…sitting still in front of a beading table or computer and focusing long enough to do anything productive had been kind of a no-go. 😛 Hopefully, in the next little bit, I’ll be able to resume my normal posting and listing schedule. Thanks for your patience. 🙂


Welcome to Mixed Mythologies! I make unique jewelry and handcrafts inspired by mythology, archaeology, folk tales, and lore from all over the world. I love the ancient world and its artifacts and many of my creative ideas are drawn from my training in archaeology and ancient languages, trips to Old World museums, and my studies as a modern-day polytheist.

My online shop is homed over on Etsy. Here I’ll be featuring various pieces and collections that are available as well as giving glimpses into my creation processes, showing previews of upcoming additions, and sharing sales and coupon codes for my followers.

Even though comments are enabled on this blog, if you have questions about specific pieces or shop policies, or if you are looking to take advantage of my holds/layaways policy, please note that I only conduct business via Etsy convo message. Also, in accordance with Etsy’s policy, I’m not able to do “backdoor deals” outside of Etsy for items that have been listed.

Well, I’m off now to my creative lair. Stay tuned for shinies!