Faery Queen II

New necklace just listed today!

Inspired by the Faery Queen, the beautiful ruler of the Faery court in traditional English folk tales. Faeries are preternatural spirit beings from European folklore often known for various pranks and for being dangerous enemies when roused. In modern times, Faeries have seen a resurgence in popularity for their connections to the natural world and their trickster magick.

This necklace features a large brass butterfly faery centerpiece on a strand of faceted opalite, moonstone, and green vesuvianite with tiny gold-plated spacer beads. Measures approximately 20 1/2 inches in circumference. $40

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Epona Horse Necklace

Just listed today! Inspired by the Gallo-Roman Epona, Goddess of fertility and protector of horses and ponies. She began as a Celtic/Gaulish deity, but eventually Her worship was carried all the way back to Rome itself.




This necklace features a carved bone double-sided horse’s head pendant on a strand of garnet, black jasper, vesuvianite (idocrase), and pale orange citrine beads. Measures 22 1/4 inches long. $42

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Spring Dragons!

Also just listed today:

Dragons appear in many mythologies and folklores from around the world all the way from ancient times to the present. They are usually depicted as fierce and powerful beings that make either loyal allies or dangerous enemies. These dragons also represent the power of springtime and new growth!

Spring Dragon Necklace:dsc_0894

A 1 3/4 inch long sterling silver dragon with wings outstretched on a strand of green aventurine and a selection of light green Czech glass artisan beads. Measures 21 1/2 inches long, not including the pendant. $55

Spring Dragon Earrings:dsc_0892

A pair of 3/4 inch tall dragon charms with green aventurine and light green Czech glass artisan beads. $22

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Raven Skull

Just listed today!

Raven Skull Necklace:

Inspired by the Morrigan and corvid spirit guides, this necklace dark and mysterious–perfect for someone who loves crows/ravens or wants to bring a little dark aesthetic to their style! In mythology and folklore, corvidae are harbingers of and guides through times of war, death, transformation and profound healing as well as familiars to witches and  deities of wisdom and battle.

An antique brass skull with four rough-cut black labradorite coins on a strand of black jasper and antique brass spacers. Measures 19 1/2 inches long, not including the drop of the pendant. $47

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A Couple of New Candles!

It’s been kind of quiet around here the last couple of weeks since I’ve been researching and working on a lot of new products. They’ll be debuting over the next little while!

In the meantime, because I realized it’s been quite some time since I featured anything but jewelry here, I thought I’d show off some new candles! Just listed today, 5/9.

The Duat:


Scented with frankincense, sandalwood, Moroccan blue chamomile, vanilla, and myrrh–a spicy, exotic scent evocative of growth and rebirth. Available in 4 oz., 7 oz., and 11 oz. sizes. $11-17

Inspired by the Duat, the Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Afterlife realm. After death, a person was escorted by the God Anubis to The Weighing of the Heart, where the deceased person’s heart was tested against the weight of a feather in judgment. Those who passed were escorted to Osiris, the God of the dead and of rebirth, and resided after alongside the deities and spirits in the Duat.



Scented with cedarwood, bergamot, helichrysum, vanilla, vetiver–a bright sweet and floral scent. Available in 4 oz., 7 oz., and 11 oz. sizes. $11-17

Inspired by Elfhame, the Otherworldly home of the elves in Welsh and Briton folklore. It is a mysterious land of spirits that wayward mortals could sometimes enter, though often only by mistake and not without risk.

And you can view all my candles (most of which haven’t been featured on this blog before) in my etsy shop here.

Eostre’s Roses

Another piece listed Saturday, 4/2. Inspired by Eostre, the Germanic Goddess who gave her name to both the festival of Ostara and the holiday Easter. Thought to be a Goddess of sunrise, she was celebrated in the springtime—during the “dawn” of the new growing season.

Eostre’s Roses Necklace:

One large and seven small irony-colored resin roses on a strand of peach quartz, green aventurine, orange quartz, amethyst, and faceted pink/green/blue Czech beads. Together the effect is a bright, fresh spring color palate. $55

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New: Raven Knot Necklace

Ravens are associated with mysteries, life and death, and knowledge in the lore of northern Europe and beyond. The Morrigan takes the form of a raven on the battlefield, Odin is attended by the ravens Hunin and Munin, and a number of black birds—including ravens—are sacred to Hekate. In Celtic and Welsh mythologies, ravens (and/or crows also) herald the arrival of deities and spirits.

Raven Knot Necklace:

A pewter raven-in-knot pendant on a strand of gray labradorite, black onyx, hematite and black/silver Czech glass beads with black labradorite and black obsidian accents. $64

As always, I do offer hold and layaway policies (which you can read here) if you want this piece but don’t have the full amount now or would prefer to pay in installments.