Cat’s Protection I and II

In mythology and folklore, cats are often powerful, playful, and sensual—powerful protectors of those they love and fierce enemies to those who forget that cats have fangs and claws. In ancient Egypt, cat and lioness goddesses were among some of the most beloved and fearsome and housecats were thought to protect homes and families. In Norse mythology, the Vanic deity Freyja (Freya), whose domains were love, sex, and war, was drawn in a wain pulled by sacred cats.

Cat’s Protection Necklace:


A long statement necklace with a cat’s eye gemstone pendant on a necklace of three strands braided together of cat’s eye chips. $40

Cat’s Protection II Necklace:


Double-stranded necklace: the longer consists of a cat’s eye gemstone pendant on a strand of cat’s eye chips and rounds with green cat’s eye accents and the shorter contains five cat’s eye points on a stand of cat’s eye and green cat’s eye rounds. $44

As always, hold and layaways are available on these items. Just check out my policies and then send me a message on Etsy and we’ll work out a plan!


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