New: Raven Knot Necklace

Ravens are associated with mysteries, life and death, and knowledge in the lore of northern Europe and beyond. The Morrigan takes the form of a raven on the battlefield, Odin is attended by the ravens Hunin and Munin, and a number of black birds—including ravens—are sacred to Hekate. In Celtic and Welsh mythologies, ravens (and/or crows also) herald the arrival of deities and spirits.

Raven Knot Necklace:

A pewter raven-in-knot pendant on a strand of gray labradorite, black onyx, hematite and black/silver Czech glass beads with black labradorite and black obsidian accents. $64

As always, I do offer hold and layaway policies (which you can read here) if you want this piece but don’t have the full amount now or would prefer to pay in installments.


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