A Little Love For The Goddess Isis

Just listed today! Two lovely necklaces in honor of Isis (also Aset, Auset, Iset), Goddess of queenship, motherhood, magick, and mysteries, wife of Osiris (Ausar, Wesir) and mother of Horus the Younger (Heru-sa-Aset). Although originally an Egyptian deity, her cult later spread through Greece, Rome, Britain, and beyond.

Winged Isis Necklace:


A beautiful golden raw brass pendant with lapis lazuli, red bamboo coral, and turquoise howlite. $42

Dark Winged Isis Necklace:


A black-green “verdigris” patina bras pendant with lapis lazuli, turquoise howlite, and black glass. $40

Dua Aset!


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