Take A Look Inside My Glass Kiln!

After my post yesterday about some of my pieces that include fused glass, I thought I’d share a little look at my glass kiln:

The pendants I’ve been working with so far are ones I made this past summer when I was apprenticing at a fused glass studio, but I wanted to be able to keep making my own (and to try out some other fused glass projects!) after I left. And so this is my beautiful Delphi kiln!

It’s a glass kiln, which differs from the more common ceramic type because it has an additional element in the lid. Glass is a lot more finicky than ceramics so the internal temperature has to heat and cool very evenly or you just get lots of broken pieces. It’ll still fire ceramics, though–it’s a case of glass kilns can fire other media, but other types of kilns can’t fire glass. Personally, I’m hoping to also try out working with some metal clays!

I ordered it back during their holiday sale as part of a kit (because fireproof gloves and all the other little necessities came with it that way), but it took a couple months for all the parts of the order to arrive and then a bit longer to set up the pedestal for it. Now I’m just working on reading through the material (since this is a different size and maker than what I’ve used before) and getting the initial prep work done.

Hopefully before much longer, I’ll be up and running!


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