Artifact-Inspired Jewelry

While most of my pieces are inspired more broadly by various figures and stories in mythology, I do (as a trained archaeologist) also sometimes draw from particular ancient artifacts. These are the pieces I have available in my shop currently inspired by specific artifacts excavated by my academic sisters/brothers from beneath the sands:

Tanis Tomb Necklace:


Inspired by a necklace from the tomb of Pseunesses I, created for the daughter of an Assyrian diplomat in Egypt. Bloodstone and gold filigree and “stardust” beads. $48

Egyptian Carnelian Necklace:


Inspired by an Ancient Egyptian necklace dating from 664-525 BC.Carnelian beads with turquoise opaque Czech glass spacer seed beads. $47

Cyprus Treasure Necklace:


Inspired by a necklace from the so-called Second Cyprus Treasure. Large freshwater pears and green marble rectangle beads. $54.

And I’d like  to take this moment to give a shout-out to my fellow archaeologists who devote their lives to the study of ancient artifacts, who excavate the treasures of the past in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, and who (especially recently) have given their lives to protect those beloved shards of history.


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