Fox Jewelry

These pieces were inspired by the figure of trickster foxes that appear in a number of mythologies and folklores, such as the Japanese Inari and kitsune, the Korean kumiho/gumiho, and the foxes who appear in American folklore. In modern times, other trickster deities and spirits (like Loki, for instance) have also become associated with foxes. These pieces were designed to celebrate these trickster figures.

Trickster Fox Necklace:

An antique copper fox charm on black obsidian, carnelian, faceted amber glass rondelles and red seed bead spacers. $38

Fox of Fire and Ice Bracelet:

A tiny sterling-plated fox charm with red fire agate, blue glass, and silver foil beads. $17

Viking Fox Necklace:

Just listed last night! An antique copper fox charm and copper-coated Norse knot accent beads with carnelian, bloodstone, black obsidian, and black onyx. $42


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