Prince of the Duat Jewelry

These pieces were inspired by Anubis (Anpu), the jackal-headed Prince of the Duat (the Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic afterlife) and God of Embalming. He acts as guide and protector for the dead, those undergoing transformations, and anyone on significant journeys—either physical or metaphorical.

In the earliest phases of Egyptian mythology, Anubis is called the Lord of the Duat and Foremost of the Westerners (an epithet that refers to the Egyptian practice of burying the dead on the west bank of the Nile); later, He was replaced in those roles by His father—or in some versions, uncle—Osiris (Ausar, Wesir) and so became Prince of the Duat and Lord of Embalming.

Prince of the Duat Necklace:


A solid sterling silver Anubis profile hand-affixed to a black agate pendant with black hypersthene, garnet, black onyx, and hematite. $53

Prince of the Duat Bracelet:

A matching bracelet with a solid sterling silver Anubis profile with black hypersthene, garnet, and black obsidian. $25

Prince of the Duat II Necklace:

A green variant that features a brass-plated sterling silver Anubis profile on a black agate pendant with golden sheen obsidian, black onyx, green idocrase (also called vesuvianite), and black moonstone. $54

I do offer hold and layaway options if you would like this item but don’t have the money now or would like to pay in installments. Please check out my policies here and then head over to Etsy and send me a convo message (the Ask a Question button) to set up terms.


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